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Professional training to become photo retoucher

Note that the Photoglams photo retouch service is a very specialized skill that is not learned at school, and that requires very specific knowledge and qualities

Indeed, in photography or graphic design schools, are primarily formed photo retouch artists that shall work for fashion or advertising, and thus who shall mostly retouch faces and dressed body, mainly on agency models of and professional advertising models, that show already a perfect body.

But those prestigious retouchers may have not always the skills nor the experience to retouch a normal body or a normal face, in the case of TV stars or private individuals. Mastering the body remodeling and skin retouch may in fact take several years of practice, in order to develop the necessary sensitivity and technique to achieve realistic results.

  • Example photo editing BEFORE
  • Example photo editing AFTER

In this way, Photoglams is glad to provide its experience and knowledge with everyone, through specialized professional training of photo retouching over ordinary body and face, for beginners or experienced retouchers who aim to work in a very specific as retoucher for celebrity magazines or private retoucher for hollywood stars.

The complete training take a full year and can be adapted to the level and wishes of everyone. The training can be done remotely, in order to fit in every agenda and whatever your location. Do not hesitate to contact us at the address for more information.

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