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If there is a job that generates an incredible amount of fantasizes from most of the males of this planet, and which certainly holds some of the greatest disappointments, it is the job of boudoir photographer. Who never watched one of those TV reality shows in which we can see those photographers surrounded by some of the most beautiful lingerie models. To see them, you may think they just spend a crazy night having fun in a villa in the Bahamas. The dream job, in a way!

The best job in the world, for a man ...

So I may be kind of politically incorrect by clarifying this fun & funky vision that the medias deliberately forged. But first, let's put some context: the glamor, the eroticism and the porn are three really different areas! Photographers for Aubade don't shoot for porn magazines between two lingerie catalogs. And conversely, Marc Dorcel photographers do not shoot Agent Provocateur commercials between 2 porn sessions.

We do not choose to become boudoir photographer simply to see naked women masturbating. If indeed, we will see a lot of naked women in our career, it is mostly like a gynecologist after a few patients, excitement shall disappears and the professional responsibility may takes over, normally. Because yes, boudoir photographer is a profession with responsibilities: when a customer invests more than € 3,000 in renting a suite in a 5 star hotel, buying a few pieces of premium lingerie, and pay for a photographer, hairdresser and a makeup artist for a few hours, he kind of expect a beautiful result at the end!

I let you imagine the difference that may exist between an amateur photographer, who may do it for his own pleasure, and a professional photographer who is focused to make beautiful pictures. A pervert photographer will do everything to put the model in very erotic positions, and when the beauty will eventually spread her legs not without doubts, the photographer may barely look in his camera : the final photos are just not the purpose of the session! You then discover another face of the responsibility of a lingerie photographer: a bad session with vulgar pictures can have a really negative and lasting impact on the self-confidence of a beginner model..

We can recognized a professional photographer primarily by appreciating the quality of his work. Elegance, beauty, sophistication, subtle eroticism, all are signs of a serious photographer. The lighting work, positions, attitudes, clothing, background, camera settings, model's fatigue and concentration, such are some points that a photographer must handle before press the shutter button: There is not so much room to admire the naked model in front of him, as beautiful and hot as she can be!

A good photographer is first, a beautiful photos maker...

The photographer job shall never be chosen for the sole purpose of self-satisfaction, but to satisfy its customers. The concept of service is very important for any professional offering. Where there is no service, there are no customers. That's why there are not much professional lingerie photographers, but that there are hundreds of thousands of amateur's ones!

"But once the session is over, it's getting kinky sometimes, right?" That's very common question. So let's talk about those fantasies floating all around that job: yes of course, there should be a minimum of complicity between the photographer and the model in order to make beautiful pictures. But this complicity is far from being sexual! In a porn video shooting for example, when the camera stops, You shall be shocked to see the reality of simple colleagues and the normal atmosphere that goes with it!

TV is just so far from reality

It can be hard sometimes to understand that the professional reality is far from the fantasies it may induce: a conscientious photographer would never touch his model, never flirt or make displaced proposals, never look to his model with kinky evil eyes. Because a photographer know perfectly that, to make beautiful boudoir pictures, you must first get the trust of the model. And here comes numerous qualities that may not be obvious for everyone: detachment, self-control, psychology, empathy and respect.

All these ideas about the boudoir photographer may come for those mushy novels and other shocking programs that swarm over the TV. I've indeed been contacted several times by TV production companies, proposing me to shot a fictitious photo shooting for their emissions. And when the time comes to read the script, it's always the same disappointment: everything is scripted, even my dialogues and my attitude, far from being a documentary, it's a real actor job!

I always refused to play in those TV show, I know that's how the world is working : or you're ready to sell your soul for fame and fortune, or you respect yourself and others and you're out. In my vision, the service that I offer, both in artistic and human terms, is my number one priority, I am indeed perfectly aware that serving others with heart and compassion is always rewarded in life.

So now, I'm sorry to destroy that beautiful fantasy, but a lingerie photographer is not a dream job. It even has some serious impacts on social environment. If men shall see you as a god or a hero, a human being with some divine destiny, on other side the women will instantly put you the box of perverse and vulgar: if you do lingerie photos, it's must be because you are obsessed with sex, and moreover, with so many beautiful women around you, you are just not reliable.

The paradox of this situation is that a serious and professional photographer will, on the opposite, offer a better reliability than the lambda man: he will not search to get many women, his fantasy about the the ultra hot or the next door woman will have fade away since a long time, and he will be well beyond the stage of being excited at the mere sight of a pair of boobs!


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