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You wish to get a quote, to reserve a date for your boudoir photo session, or to get more information on our services, please contact us by email at contact@photoglams.com or by phone, SMS, Signal or WhatsApp at the number +

You will be asked for a part of the payment in advance (Paypal, Ria, bank transfer, cash) in order to avoid any last minute cancellations, and the rest of the payment in cash on the day of the session, thank you for your understanding.

Note that Nicolas, the boudoir photographer of Photoglams, is currently in Paris and available for photoshooting. And that he is willing to move freely in Monaco and all the French Riviera, in Geneva and all Switzerland, and anywhere in France and abroad for expenses.


The unconditional respect of the photographer towards the model , but also a real mastery of the technique, light and positions, as well as a remarkable photo editing service , have forged for the Photoglams photographer a solid reputation in the field of lingerie and boudoir photography for more than 15 years.

But what really makes Photoglams successful is its experience with beginners : the photographer's tact and naturalness are a great help for exposing all the the elegance and sensuality of all of his models.

About confidentiality

Please note that you are entirely protected by your personality rights, and even without a contract: we are not authorized to use your photos in any manner whatsoever, without your tacit and explicit consent. Therefore, we guarantee a complete discretion, reliability and confidentiality without any flaw, to all our clients with no exception.

Also we claim all the photos and videos in this website are the fruit of our labor, and are displayed with the explicit permission of the model.

Some comments from our customers

Photo client 1
" Nicolas is a serious, nice and sociable
photographer. It was great to see his
involvement to get the best result
during the session as well as during
the retouch. " Caroline
Photo client 2
" Nicolas put me at ease during the
shoot. It was my first shoot with a
pro. He puts his heart into his job,
and it is evident in the pictures. "
Photo client 3
"Very pleasant shooting. Nicolas is a
real professional. I appreciate his
punctuality, his feeling for details and
his artistic skills. And his retouch is
great. For sure I will book him again
next time!" Kristen.
Photo client 4
" Very nice, and completely a pro, for
a shy girl like me, he put me at ease,
and was very attentive to my wishes,
to the type of photo that I wanted. "
Photo client 5
" Nicolas is extremely professional, he
can put you at ease without being
pushy, he is punctual in terms of job,
and most importantly I was very
satisfied with the result, the photos
are great! " Anna
Photo client 6
" It was a pleasure to work with Nicolas,
he is dynamic, smiling, and he takes
photos of very high quality. Use of light
is very important, and he manages it
very well. " Madisson
Photo client 7
" I loved posing in front of Nicolas’
camera. Besides being a very good
photographer, he is nice and friendly,
and these traits contribute a lot to the
high quality of his work. ” Maria
Photo client 8
" Professional and serious photographer
of high quality! I am really satisfied with
the photos, which are artistic, natural,
and beautifully rendered. The make-up
artist and the wardrobe stylist were
proven assets. " Solène

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Book your photoshoot with the boudoir photographer Nicolas. Starts from 400€ in Paris, Monaco and Geneva : + -

Some words of the photographer

The boudoir photographer of Photoglams
The boudoir photographer of Photoglams

My name is Nicolas, I am 43 years old, and I am a professional photographer in the boudoir and advertisings for about 15 years. Graduated as a mathematics engineer, I started my new career in photography in a self-taught way, positioning myself specifically in the boudoir photography for private individuals. I realized in fact that this domain was particularly poor in professional offers, and for an area as delicate as erotic photography, to make available to the public a professional and specialized service seemed to be a judicious choice, in order to respond to a market that can be sharply demanding.

In fact, the job of boudoir photographer not only requires a talent for image, but also an expertise and an attitude that are specific to that activity. In addition to the professionalism that is expected for a premium service, such as seriousness, confidentiality and reliability, the erotic photography requires a specific psychological expertise, as well as a natural and flawless self-control. The success of boudoir photo session depends indeed on the clear, professional interaction between the photographer and his model, in order to bring out all her elegance and natural beauty.

Boudoir photography magazine covers
Boudoir photography magazine covers

Furthermore, an commercial offer of boudoir photography can only be complete if featured with a professional retouching service, specialized in body. Indeed, that skill is very specific and is far from being mastered by all the retouch artists. It has indeed to be performed by a specialist, who will have the experience and the knowledge of the human anatomy, in order to make realistic corrections while remaining invisible. Having started as a photo retoucher for magazines such as Playboy and Maxim in France, it is with a great pleasure that I include that particular skill to my photographic offers.

By comparing my photography with the existing offer, commonly referenced as artistic nude, I realized that my vision of the boudoir photography is quite distinct from the very artistic and personal interpretation that offers many photographers. In fact, I do not seek to show my originality and or my creativity through my work, but I first wish to provide a premium service of classic boudoir photography, in the magazine standards, particularly the American Playboy's of the 80's.

The boudoir photographer in backstage
The boudoir photographer in backstage

I indeed consider that the classicism is neither a flaw nor the expression of a poor creativity, but on the opposite, that it represents a necessary and essential step in the career of an artist. As the Dalai Lama used to say, "we must first master the rules before breaking them". While it can be quite easy to create its own style, sometimes artistically arguable, it is not so obvious to learn how to reproduce the classics. I found it sad that many artists refuse to challenge them-self to the standards, under the guise of originality or creativity, instead of actually learn how to reproduce those standards with talent. It is, in my opinion, the quest of ego and originality at any price, at the expense of beauty and quality, which only explains the impoverishment of all the contemporary graphic arts, particularly the photography.

Finally, I think that the glamor and the elegance are the very foundations of the sexy photography. Vulgarity is for me the expression of the personality of a photographer or a model, and is not a style in itself. It is indeed possible to produce erotic pictures with explicit contents without falling into vulgarity. On the other way, it's possible to make photos without any explicit content and which will appear as vulgar. Vulgarity is not a choice, it's a state of mind.

Reportage with the boudoir photographer
Reportage with the boudoir photographer

Finally, note that next to the lingerie photography, I work also as an advertising photographer, mainly in fashion and cosmetics, you can see many examples of my work on www.nicolasyger.com. And also, I am a reportage and portraits photographer for professionals and individuals. If you want to know more, feel free to visit my portraits portfolios on www.bookportrait.com/portraits-photographer.html


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