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Photo and video sessions

Photoglams is a professional photographer specializing in boudoir and lingerie, and has been offering photo and video sessions for professionals and individuals for more than 15 years now with great success, thanks to his remarkable talent and unique know-how with beginners and enthusiasts.

Each session is totally personalized and can combine several styles, whether photo and video: a solo experience of boudoir and lingerie photos, or an erotic couple photo session, or even fetish and BDSM photography, and also fashion and beauty.

Whatever is your age, your physiology or your gender, everyone is welcome: Women, couples, men, transgender. We work for individuals and amateurs as well as for professionals, agencies, magazines and lingerie designers.

Locations for photoshoot

The sessions can take place in Paris and its region, but also in Monaco and on the French Riviera, or even in Geneva and everywhere in Switzerland, and even elsewhere! Nicolas, the photographer, will be happy to come to you for a fee.

The choice of location and decor is determined by the client: whether you prefer a sumptuous hotel suite, or at home, or even on your favorite beach, all options are possible. Note that the rental costs of the place are the responsibility of the customer.

For smaller budgets, you can book a day-use hotel room, that is to say just for the afternoon. You will find many references of hotels that practice day-use on the websites and

Warning: for hotels or Airbnb, I strongly advise you not to specify that you are coming to take photos, some places could increase the price, or even simply refuse your request. And do not hesitate to negotiate the price of hotels directly.

The course of a photo session

The course of a photo session begins with a contact with Nicolas, the photographer, in order to establish a quote and to see the availability of each party. Once the date has been set and the deposit paid, you will have to book the location and prepare your outfits and accessories for the session.

The day before the session, sleep well and drink plenty of water to be in good shape, a photo session can sometimes seem quite sporty. On D-Day, the shoot will begin with the preparation of an hour and a half of hair and makeup if you have decided to take the option.

After a debriefing about the style, desires and outfits, the photo session can then begin: Nicolas will show you many elegant positions and sexy attitudes, and will ask you to mimic them with as much naturalness and sensuality as possible. After a few minutes, when the shot is successful, he will show you another attitude, you may change your outfit or make-up, and so on until the end of the session.

After session and retouch

Once the session is over, you will leave with all the raw photos on your USB key if you have brought it, or you will receive a link by email the next day to download them. You can then take your time to choose whether you want to retouch or print a few shots.

The retouching offered by Photoglams is entirely manual and professional, to adapt exactly to the rendering that the model is looking for, whether you want to eliminate certain small defects, sublimate the texture of the skin, and even add or remove shapes, as naturally as possible. .

The retouched photos are usually ready within 5 days after the selection and will be sent to you by email. You can then choose the photos to print if you wish, and even have a sumptuous photo book made for a magnificent souvenir.

About our video services

Nicolas, the Photoglams photographer, can also make videos during the session, whether for commercial purposes for professionals, or for individuals for a really special memory: our video service is entirely tailor-made to adapt to your scenario and your desires.

The length of the videos can vary from one minute to one hour, depending on the desires, the style and the scenario. The video can be done at the end of your photo shoot, or independently, and takes between 30 and 60 minutes to film. You will choose the music you like if necessary, and the video will be finalized within 7 to 10 days after the session.

The style of the video is fully customizable: fashion, boudoir, erotic, fetish, and even hardcore, everything is possible. Nicolas offers a whole range of professional options: special effects, retouching, editing, slow motion and animations, for a truly professional rendering.

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