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Specialized skills

Photoglams offers to its customers a professional photo retouching service, specialized in body and face, for individual amateurs or professional.

Our photo editing service is entirely customized, in order to mask or erase everything that could spoil the charm of the photos.

  • Photographie de boudoir
  • Photographie glamour

Totally bespoke : you are the one who decide the amount of retouching. Neither you simply wish to be sublimated, or to become a dream creature, our photo retoucher will strive to find the balance between edited and natural, in order that the glitches disappear in favour of the sensuality and the charm.

Following entirely your desires, our photo retoucher will make the fat unsightly disappear, remove a scar or a tattoo, clear some derma marks and other cellulite, as well as reshape your body in the proportions that suit your wishes : remove a few pounds, firming the abdomen, pull up the butt, and even increase the size of the breasts.

Experience and expertise

By choosing Photoglams, you will enjoy a real expertise and experience in boudoir photography, and especially an excellent photo editing service, thanks to 3 major assets : quality, bespoke and fast.

  • Photographie de boudoir
  • Photographie glamour

- QUALITY : the customer is king, always. We make no distinction, whether you are an private individual or a professional, we offer the best of our skills for everyone, regardless of the prestige of the client!

- BESPOKE : the retouch is entirely manual, not automated software, to ensure the best quality as you can find on the magazines, and to deliver a service that is truly bespoke : we retouch what you want, the way you want !

- FAST : at the end of the session, the photographer will give you all the photos. You will have then all the time you need to select, at your home, the photos to be retouched. The retouching of a photo takes between 30 and 90 minutes of work, and the retouched images are delivered by email within 3 or 4 days only.

Live demonstration of editing

The photo retouch in details

Please note that the retouching service of is entirely bespoke. Perfectly aware that women cannot invest all their time to perfect their shape, the editing is always done according to the prior directives of the client, thanks to a preliminary debriefing to establish the amount of retouch.

Note also that the photo retouching is entirely handmade, the retouch artist of Photoglams spends between 30 and 90 minutes per photo. The editing job is done at the reception of the pictures selected, and we strive to ensure a delivery within 3 or 4 working days only.

A very special touch

To retouch the photographs of a top model with a perfect body is the daily work of any professional fashion retoucher. But when it comes to retouch the normal body of a TV star or a private individual, volunteers are rare.

Learn why even the most prestigious fashion retoucher are often unable to work the body of a normal person.

Learn the retouch

Note that Photoglams propose a professional training for everyone who wish to learn how to edit photos in a professional way, and particularly how to retouch a body.

Such a training will allow a photo retoucher to quickly work for many fashion and boudoir photographers, agencies, celebrity magazines and other movies' stars.

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