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Paris is probably the most glamorous and romantic destination there is, and certainly the capital of boudoir and couple photography, if there were to be one. And it is for this reason that Photoglams is based in Paris and offers its services throughout the Paris region but also throughout France and abroad.

Whether you are an amateur couple looking for an exceptional adventure, a woman looking to rediscover her femininity and elegance, or a professional needing beautiful sexy photos for her profile, Photoglams services have been specially designed for you.

The advantage of making your boudoir photo book in Paris lies mainly in the fact that the capital is full of sumptuous charming hotels, and that you can choose one as you wish and in the style you like to carry out your photo session there.

Technics of boudoir photography

Nicolas, the Photoglams photographer, has indeed been able to place himself among the best charm photographer in Paris for more than 15 years, thanks to his great experience, his know-how and his know-how, factors that contribute fundamentally to the offer of a top-of-the-range service, and more particularly the following assets:

Technical Skills: Photoglams has acquired a solid understanding of the basics of boudoir photography such as lighting, composition, and retouching, as well as an excellent understanding of postures and attitudes to show to his models.

Communication: Nicolas knows how to communicate clearly and effectively with his models, putting them at ease during the photo shoot. He knows how to give instructions and comments, and makes a point of listening to the needs and preferences of all his clients.

The art of lingery photography

Creative vision: Photoglams specializes in lingerie photography, whether artistic or commercial, knowing how to highlight the femininity of its models through styles such as Playboy type boudoir, commercial lingerie, and artistic eroticism.

Sensitivity: Nicolas is very empathetic and strives to create a safe, respectful and comfortable environment during the session. Sensitive to the needs of his clients, he strives to establish a climate of trust that will allow you to feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera.

Professionalism: Reliable, punctual and discreet in all situations, Nicolas knows how to manage his time effectively and provides top-of-the-range service in Paris. He strives to maintain a professional and respectful attitude and above all to respect the privacy and confidentiality of his clients.

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