Erotic photoshoots
for couples and amateurs

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Erotic photos for couples

For more than 15 years, Photoglams has been providing professional erotic photo sessions for couples and amateurs, in Paris, the French Riviera and all around the world.

Whether it's for a sexy gift, an unforgettable experience, or for a couple profile on a dating app, Nicolas, the Photoglams photographer, will be glad to make your photoshoot in the style and the location that suits you the best.

The sessions take place in a professional environment with all possible options: hair and make-up preparation, magazine-type retouching, video, and even the participation of other models.

Nicolas will makes every effort to ensure that your experience is as close as possible to your expectations, and that the end result is a subtle blend of art and eroticism, both natural and authentic.

Customized photo sessions

The shootings generally take place in a beautiful hotel suite, a charming apartment, a room in day-use, or even at home, Nicolas travels within the location of your choice, everywhere in France and abroad. Note that rental costs and possible travel costs are at the charge of the customer.

All styles are possible, from the softest to the hardest, according to your only desires. We can start with beautiful boudoir and lingerie pictures for the lady, then the gentleman can enter the scene and get caught up in the couple's photo game. Sexy, fetishism, eroticism, porn-art, no limit is imposed except yours.

Nicolas, the Photoglams photographer, is regularly in Paris, on the French Riviera or Geneva, do not hesitate to contact us to find out about our next visit to your region.

Discretion and confidentiality

All photos and videos on this site are the result of the work of Nicolas, the photographer of Photoglams, and are displayed with the permission of the couples and models. Nicolas understands very well the needs of his clients and therefore attaches great importance to the factors of discretion and confidentiality.

No photo is published without the agreement of the model(s). Know that in France you are protected by your image rights , even without a contract, it's the law: no one is able to use or publish your photos in any way whatsoever without your tacit and explicit agreement.

For the most demanding of you, note that it is possible to come with your own memory cards, in order to be more serene during the session and to have absolute control over the single copy of all the photos taken during of the session.

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